Practical First Aid Courses for Individuals, Business, Community Groups & Families

Our lead trainer is a registered Osteopath and university lecturer who trained as community first responder.  

We offer a fun and demystifying teaching approach; people will leave our courses armed with lifesaving skills confident to help in an emergency situation at home, at work or in the wider community.

We have trained doctors and medical/health professionals, osteopaths, teachers, businesses,  individuals, new parents, childminders, grandparents, Pilates and yoga teachers, therapists and more.

We have been the in house first trainer for Neals Yard therapies London since 2014

We train osteopaths at a leading London University.

We can run courses in any location/space as long as there is a  clear space for the practical sessions which ideally need to be performed with a manikin on the floor. Please let me know at the time of booking if space has a hard floor or is carpeted.

Health & Safety

All courses involve kneeling on the floor - please let me know at the time of booking whether any participants have any problems or condition that may be exacerbated by kneeling or stooping.  I can adapt as needed but it helps to know in advance. Please let me know if you have (or suspect that you may have) a latex allergy.

Parking /access - in front of (or near) the property would be appreciated - please let me know at the time of booking if there are likely to be any parking issues

We also offer bespoke courses; all course can be adapted and tailored  to meet the needs your needs, especially useful for therapists complimentary clinics, sports clubs, church groups and small business,

We also offer individual tuition for freelancers, families, small groups, pilates studios



Bespoke Courses

Why choose us

Would you know what to do if someone stopped breathing?

If not, then emergency first aid training should be on your list of essential skills

We use the best kit!

We use state of the art Prestan training manikins which offer life-like and responsive training, which gives people a realistic experience of the best "real life" CPR outcomes.